Language courses

Fast & sustainable learning progress thanks to intensive & personal 1 to 1 learning setup.


Individual curriculum based on your interests & adapted to your CEFR level.


Flexible dates & times, which can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

Comfortable solution to learn a foreign language from home. No commute - no travel expenses.

Our online languages courses

Successful way to confident communication in foreign languages thanks to communicative teaching methods.

Online German course

Learn German online


Online German course

Online Spanish course

Learn Spanish online


Online Spanish course

Online Polish course

Learn Polish online


Online Polish course

Online English course

Learn English online


Online English course



Before you start an online language course, we will assess your CEFR level and identify your individual learning goals. There are 3 steps:


  1. You take an online placement test which gives us a first insight into your language skills.
  2. You recive a questionnaire from us. By specifying your learning goals we can support you in your language development effectively.
  3. We select the programme and teaching materials according to your learning goals and CEFR level.

Trial lesson

We also offer you the opportunity to attend a trial lesson.

This is a perfect way to find out whether online language classes meet your expectations.

You can get to know your future teacher & our teaching methods.

Learn more about the price and conditions of the free trial lesson.

Couple with speech bubbles

Learning targets of our language courses

  1. You surmount the language barrier and learn to speak confidently and fluently.

  2. You gain more confidence when speaking.

  3. You can handle phone calls without difficulty.

  4. You perfect your pronunciation.

  5. You use the foreign language in everyday situations as well as in debates & discussions.

  6. You enlarge your vocabulary.

  7. Your expression is adapted to the situation: You master the vocabulary from different language registers and learn to use words and phrases appropriately.

  8. You understand longer texts.

  9. You know different styles and forms of the written communication and can write them.