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With our online language courses we want to make language learning easier, more convenient and accessible to everyone. We offer live online language lessons in English, German, Spanish & Polish. Our goal is to reach people of any age, ability and availability, and give them the opportunity to learn foreign languages from anywhere in the world and in the timeframe that suits them best.

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We are all different and we learn differently. Here, at Online Language School we know this very well, which is why we are inspired by many concepts to make learning a foreign language both effective and enjoyable Thanks to intensive & personal “1 to 1 learning setup” you can effectively learn to express yourself confidently and fluently in the foreign language you are learning. We know how difficult it is to speak in the target language, which is why our language lessons focus on the communicative learning method. At the same time, we also promote other skills such as listening, reading comprehension and writing. Our methods prove themselves time and time again, which is confirmed by the experience of our students We are aware of how important motivation is in the learning process. Interesting and relevant content motivates better to learn & you can reach your goals faster. For this reason, we work both with textbooks which provide the basics, and with individualised teaching materials, which broaden your understanding.

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Experts in the field of teaching

Time is money. And we appreciate your time That’s why we only work with established professionals. Our teachers are highly qualified and have extensive professional experience. For them, language teaching is first and foremost a passion, second a job. They remain professionals every minute of their lessons.  Our teachers differ from one another: some are calm, level-headed and have a gift for motivating even the biggest lazybones; others are energetic and can infect the biggest nag with their optimism and effectively convince the biggest naggers to learn. They are different because our students are different.

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Flexibility for your comfort

Online language teaching is a practical solution to learn a foreign language from anywhere in the world. You can take the lessons at work, at home or while travelling – it’s up to you. You also save on travel time and expenses because you no longer have to travel to the language school.  You can also take lessons online whenever you want. In contrast to the rigid teaching hours at a traditional language school, we offer you flexible teaching dates & times. This gives you more freedom in your hectic everyday life & you can spend the precious time with your family, relax after work, go to the cinema with friends or start one of your new projects.


Experience is our strength

We have several years of experience in teaching foreign languages. This is reflected in the professional and personal success of our students.  The teachers at the Online Language School are highly qualified people who have both the necessary pedagogical qualifications and the appropriate personality traits to thrive as online language teachers. As a professional online language school we pay special attention to this. Thanks to our experience, we know how to react fast and appropriately to your specific needs. Years of practice allowed us to try out many different methods and teaching scenarios, so that every minute of your language lessons is used effectively.

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Learning foreign languages means “travelling” through other countries & cultures – it means discovering other mentalities – because you get to know new kinds of people. We look forward to accompanying you on this exciting learning journey.

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