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Our online languages courses

Language skills are very important nowadays. The more languages you know, the more in demand you are on the job market. We offer you professional online language training in: German as a foreign language, Spanish, Polish and English.  If you want to learn the target language and at the same time integrate the lessons into your timetable, our online language courses are the ideal solution. All you need is a comfortable armchair, hot coffee, a computer (telephone, tablet) and Skype, and you can start learning.


Online Spanish course

Learn Spanish online


Polish course

Learn Polish online


German course

Learn German online


English course

Learn English online

Advantages of our online language courses


Thanks to intensive & personal "1 to 1 learning setup" you learn quickly to communicate confidently & individually in the target language.


Individual curriculum, which integrates the learning contents that are relevant & interesting for you. You learn at your own pace.


Flexible course dates & times, which can be easily integrated into everyday life.

Convenient solution to learn a foreign language from home. You save on travel time & travel expenses

You want…


…to improve your grades at school.


…to prepare yourself well for a language exam.


…to have your foreign diploma recognised in the country of the target language & must prove an appropriate level of language proficiency.


…to increase your chances in the job market.


…to communicate better in an international environment in your job.


…not only to keep the thread of a foreign-language conversation, but also to be able to take the floor and inspire others with your ideas.


…to have friends from all over the world.


…to have no fear of speaking in the target language & to take pleasure in foreign language communication.


…to have fun learning foreign languages & to acquire solid language skills.


83% of students who learn foreign languages through online courses achieve their professional and personal goals, such as:

  • Passing a language exam,
  • Career entry or promotion,
  • Pay rise,
  • or increasing self-confidence in foreign language communication.

Source: Results of an internal survey among our students.


Would you like to try out first whether an online language course is a suitable form of learning for you? Then book our trial lesson – without obligation & with individual advice.

Price: 35 €/60 minutes of a language lesson 

Free of charge when booking a course.*

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Are you already learning with us? Are you already learning with Online Language School? Then recommend us to a friend and get 20€ discount on your current online language course.

Price packages

We offer online language courses as one-to-one tutoring, which guarantees rapid progress. At the request of our participants we have expanded our offer to include duo lessons.

Depending on your capacity, the duration and intensity of learning you are interested in, you can choose from 3 different price packages.

from 28 €

duo classes of 60 mins


from 48 €

duo classes of 90 mins


from 22 €

for duo lessons
of 60 minutes


from 28 €

for duo lessons
of 90 minutes



Field reports confirm professionalism & high quality of our online language courses.

“Ich habe bei Online Language School Polnisch gelernt. Die Atmosphäre im Unterricht war super und die Lehrerin immer sehr nett und verständnisvoll. Die Konjugation polnischer Verben jagt mir keine Angst mehr :-)”

Maurice, Bremerhaven

“Ich empfehle die Schule jedem, der eine Fremdsprache schnell sprechen möchte. Die Lehrer nehme Ängste ab und man hat viel Spaß am Unterricht. Schade, dass die 90 Minuten wie im Nu vergehen. Mein Spanischunterricht war eine gute Investition. immer wieder gerne, danke”
Karin, Hamburg
“Tolle Lernmethode, jede Minute wird effektiv genutzt. Professionalität der Lehrer auf höchstem Niveau.”
Sebastian, Osnabrück

“Der Spanischunterricht war klasse. Ich hatte eine Menge Spaß. Da ich ein Berufspraktikum in Spanien machte, musste ich schnell die Sprache lernen. Ich hatte zwar Vorkenntnisse aus der Schule, aber die wären nicht ausreichend gewesen. Mit Euch konnte ich mein Spanisch auf ein kommunikatives Niveau bringen. Ich werde Euch definitiv weiter empfehlen.” 

Anna, Warschau

“Professionalität und effektives Lernen von Anfang an!”

Martin, Koblenz

“Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Deutschkurs bei Online Language School. Der Unterricht wird professionell durchgeführt. Ich hatte immer Angst vor dem Deutschsprechen, aber dank der angenehmen Atmosphäre im Unterricht konnte ich meine Ängste endlich vergessen. Herzlichen Dank”

Laura, Rio de Janeiro